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1.                 THIS SALE is made by *CIMB BANK BERHAD / CIMB ISLAMIC BANK BERHAD (“Owner”) in exercise of the rights and powers conferred upon the Owner pursuant to a Hire Purchase Agreement/ Hire Purchase-i Agreement (the date(s) as appearing in the Proclamation of Sale) executed by (“Hirer”) as appearing in the Proclamation of Sale) in favour of the Owner and is subject to the regulations implied or imposed upon or relating to or affecting the subject vehicle.



2.                 The intending bidders may participate in the live auction sale (“Auction”) of the vehicles in either of the following manner:-


Bidding remotely or at auction venue on the Auction date using the dedicated Mobile app/ website online via www.ngchanmau.com (online bidders are also bound by online terms & conditions on www.ngchanmau.com).


               Once a bid has been submitted, it cannot be retracted, deleted, or cancelled. The Owner is not responsible for any cancelled bids. The Owner still reserves the right to refuse any bid under Clause 6 below.


3.                 The Auction schedule will be updated on the Auctioneer’s website on monthly basis. Please check the Auction schedule regularly to find out the Auction date(s) for the respective month.


4.                 The vehicle is sold on an “as is where is” basis.


5.                 All intending bidders are required to deposit with the Auctioneer a sum of RM1,000.00 (if the Reserve Price is below RM100,000.00) or a sum of RM5,000.00 (if the Reserve Price is RM100,000.00 and above) (“Deposit”) together with buyer’s premium of RM500.00 (if the Purchase Price is above RM5,000.00) or RM 250.00 (if the Purchase Price is RM 5,000.00 and below) (inclusive of taxes whenever applicable) per vehicle by Cash, Credit Card (Visa/Master)or Bank Draft in favour of the Auctioneer prior to the auction sale. Any person who intends to bid on behalf of another, corporation or firm is required to deposit with the Auctioneer prior to the auction sale a letter or any other relevant documents acceptable to the Owner to state that he is acting on behalf of another person, corporation or firm and he is authorised to sign all the necessary documents. All intending bidders are required to verify their identities by showing the Auctioneer their identity cards (or other document(s) of identification acceptable by the Auctioneer) prior to the commencement of the auction for the purpose of verification, failing which they shall not be entitled to bid. An undischarged bankrupt is also not allowed to bid or to act as an agent.


6.                 Subject to the Reserve Price together with taxes (whenever applicable), the highest bidder being so allowed by the Auctioneer, shall be the successful purchas­er(“Successful Purchaser”)and the Auctioneer and /or the Owner  shall have the  right to refuse any bid without having the necessity to give any reason for such refusal.If any dispute arises as to any bid or bids and/or the bidding process and/or the highest bid, the Auctioneer may, after having first obtained the Owner’s consent, at his own discretion and with or without notice determine the dispute or re-conduct the auction sale at the last disputed bid or may postpone, cancel a sale or withdraw the Vehicle from the auction sale.The Owner and the Auctioneer will neither have liability nor obligation to the intending bidders as a result of any vehicle withdrawal, or the cancellation or postponement of the Auction. The intending bidders agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the Owner and the Auctioneer harmless from any and all liability arising out of any decisions made in resolving the disputes.


7.                 No bid shall be less than the last previous bid at a sum to be fixed by the Auctioneer at the time of the sale and no bidding shall be retracted. Should there be any retraction from the bidder before the fall of the hammer and/or the decision of the Auctioneer, the Deposit of RM1,000.00 or RM5,000.00 as the case may be, shall be forfeited by the Owner and the vehicle shall at the option of theOwner be put up for sale again or the Auctioneer may decide to adjourn the auction sale to another date at the instruction of the Owner.


8.                 The price after the close of bidding shall be known as “Purchase Price”.


9.                 Immediately after the fall of the hammer and/or the decision of the Auctioneer to accept the highest bid, the deposit pursuant to Clause 5 above shall be treated as part payment to the Purchase Price. The Successful Purchaser shall be issued a Certificate of Sale that will be generated by the Auctioneer and the signature of the Successful Bidder is not required. The Successful Bidder hereby acknowledges and accepts the said Certificate of Sale as a valid transaction of sale and conclusive proof of the sale.


10.              In the event that the Successful Purchaser after the completion of sale and after the fall of hammer, either prior or upon the issuance of the Certificate of Sale denies and/or refuses to acknowledge the sales, the Deposit paid pursuant to Clause 5 herein shall be forfeited by the Owner and the vehicle shall forthwith be put up for sale again or the Owner may decide to adjourn the auction sale to another date.


11.              The balance of the Purchase Price shall be paid in full by the Successful Purchaser within five (5) working days from the date of auction sale to the Owner (“Expiry Date”). However, the period of five (5) working days may be extended by the Owner at its absolute discretion upon written request by the Successful Purchaser before Expiry Date provided always that the Successful Purchaser shall pay the Owner late payment charges to be determined by the Owner at its absolute discretion on or before the extended Expiry Date.


12.              In default of such payment of the balance of purchase price or late payment charges(if applicable)within the time and in the manner as stipulated in Clause 11 above, the Deposit and the buyer’s premium paid pursuant to Clause 5 above shall be forfeited by the Owner and the vehicle may be put up for sale by the Ownerat its sole discretion.


13.              Upon full payment of the balance of the purchase price in accordance with Clause 11above and late payment charges (if applicable), the Owner shall deliver to the respective store yard for the Successful Purchaser to collect the duly executed transfer document and the original registration card of the vehicle, if the same is in the possession of the Owner.


14.              Time shall be the essence of this Certificate of Sale.


15.              Any request for refund of monies (which is limited only to the following reasons) paid by the Successful Purchaser shall be allowed provided a written request together with supporting documents (contract note, JPJ search, etc.) is submitted to Owner within 30 days from the auction date:-


(a)           Vehicle failed PUSPAKOM VR-1 inspection while still in the store yard due to floor board cut, all pillars cut, chassis tampered, engine tampered,

(b)           Information on the model of vehicle and year of manufacture are wrongly declaredand do not match the information on the registration card,

(c)            Transfer of ownership cannot be registered due to Police Bond, JPJ Blacklisted other than traffic summons.

(d)           Only the Purchase Price will be refunded by Owner whereas the buyer’s premium will be refunded by Auctioneer. Other cost including but not limited to repair, spray-painting, towing, etc will not be claimable by the Successful Purchaser.


16.          For avoidance of doubt, strictly NO REFUND SHALL BE ENTERTAINED FOR:-


(a)            Claim for refund which is not submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of auction.

(b)           Transfer of ownership which cannot be registered due to traffic summons.

(c)           Vehicle with VR-1 “LULUS BERSYARAT” report which includes but not limited to pillar cut, change of engine, former usage as taxi, parts missing irrespective of whether the vehicle’s condition is declared or not during the auction.

(d)           Defects were found after the vehicle was released from the store yard notwithstanding the PUSPAKOM VR-1 inspection has failed,

(e)            Vehicle was taken out from the store yard without prior PUSPAKOM VR-1 inspection at the
Owner’s panel storeyard.

(f)            In the event custom dutyon the vehicle was not paid.


Note :      The PUSPAKOM VR-1 inspection must be carried out in the store yard before the vehicle can be released from the store yard.


              The Successful Purchaser’s claim for refund shall only be limited to the Purchase Price paid for the Vehicle.The Purchase Price and the Buyer’s Premium shall be refunded to the Successful Purchaser.The Successful Purchaser shall have no further claims against the Owner and/or the Auctioneer. The Owner and/or the Auctioneer shall not be liable for any consequential damages/losses of whatsoever nature suffered by the Buyer.



18.          The Successful Purchaser admits and confirms that:


(a)           he has inspected the vehicle and tendered his bid with full knowledge/notice of the actual state and condition of the vehicle and purchases the vehicle on an “as is where is” basis and shall not be entitled to terminate his purchase or to make any claim for compensation or reduction of the Purchase Price or claim any damages in respect of any misdescription of the condition, state and other aspects of the vehicle;


(b)           he made/submitted the bid solely as a result of his own inspection/evaluation and depending on his/her own skill and judgment and not in reliance on any representation or warranty, whether written, oral or implied, by or from the Owner and/or the Auctioneer;


(c)           As from the time of the sale of the vehicle, the vehicle shall be at the sole risk of the Successful Purchaser with regards to any loss or damage of whatsoever nature or howsoever occurring.


19.           The Owner gives no warranty as to the accuracy or correctness of the information and statements contained in the Proclamation of Sale and this Conditions of Sale as to the state or condition of the vehicle other than that the Owner is the lawful and beneficial assignee of the vehicle. Save as aforesaid, no representation/warranty is made by or implied against the Owner in respect of the vehicle and all matters in relation hereto. 


20.           The Owneris under no obligation to answer any query or request by the Successful Purchaser and any refusal or failure by the Owner to answer such request for any reason whatsoever shall not be a ground for non-completion or delay in completion of this sale.


21.           The Owner disclaims all liability in any informal communication between the Successful Purchaser and the Owner before or after the sale and the Successful Purchaser shall have the duty to verifyall communications in relation to the vehicle and the sale herein. 


22.           All necessary investigations required by intending bidders for their purpose and consideration shall be made by the intending bidders themselves at their own costs and expenses.


23.           All risk, loss or damage, including but not limited to loss or damage by fire, storm, earthquake, malicious damage, any lossor damage of whatsoever nature or howsoever occurring to the vehicle shall pass to the Successful Purchaser on the date of auction sale.


24.           The Owner reserves the right to impose such additional terms and conditions in respect of the saleof the vehicle as the Owner deems fit from time to time by giving prior notice of 14 calendars days. 


25.           If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the English text and the text in any other languages of the Proclamation of
Sale and/or the Conditions of Sale, the English text shall prevail. In the event of any ambiguity or inconsistency in the
interpretation or constructions of the Agreement, the Ownershall determine such ambiguity or inconsistency and the Owner’sdecision shall be final and binding.


26.           Terms used in this Conditions of Sale and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given to them in the Proclamation of Sale.


27.           In these clauses as above stated, where the context so permits, the singular includes the plural and vice versa and the
masculine includes the feminine and neuter genders.


28.           Each of the clauses of this Conditions of Sale is severable and distinct from one another and if any one or more of the
clauses or any part thereof is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining Clauses of this Conditions of Sale shall not thereby be affected or impaired in any way.


29.           The Auctioneer shall have the liberty to postpone, call-off or adjourn the public auction at any material time without having to provide any reasons or grounds whatsoever.


30.           The Reserve Price and the Purchase Price of the vehicle are inclusive of taxes (whenever applicable).


31.           Online bidders are also bound by online terms & conditions on www.autoauction.com.my in addition to this Condition of Sale. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the online terms & conditions and this Conditions of Sale, the Condition of Sale shall prevail.

For Online Bidding Terms And Conditions:




Kuala Lumpur Office:

No. 1-3 (Ground Floor & 1st Floor),

Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-2070 2226 / 2078 8590

Fax: 603-207 2957

Email: main@auctions.com.my

Note: For KL auction venue

please refer to the proclaimation of sale.





At The Auction Room:

No 15 & 16, 1st Floor, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5

(Karpal Singh Drive)

Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 604-282 0525 / 27

Fax: 604-282 0528

Email penang@auctions.com.my





At The Auction Room:

No 98, Jalan Wijaya, Century Garden 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: 607-333 6226 / 3226

Fax: 607-331 6226

Email: johor@auctions.com.my




For Kuala Lumpur Office:
[Download PDF List]

For Johore Office:
[Download PDF List]




Auction Date:

22 /9 /2021
Lot No: S09033  
Make: PROTON  2015
Model: SAGA FLX 1.3
Reg No: JRD2884
Show More Details

Auction Date:

22 /9 /2021
Lot No: S09012  
Make: TOYOTA  2013
Model: INNOVA 2.0
Reg No: VBB4019
Show More Details

Auction Date:

22 /9 /2021
Lot No: S09008  
Make: PROTON  2014
Reg No: JPU2530
Show More Details

Auction Date:

22 /9 /2021
Lot No: N09013  
Make: HONDA  2009
Model: ACCORD 2.0
Reg No: PJH1899
Show More Details

Auction Date:

15 /9 /2021
Lot No: N09023  
Make: TOYOTA  2018
Model: VIOS 1.5
Reg No: PNH9464
Show More Details

















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