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For automotive auction sales. Please select from available office: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor to view details.

For general assistance please visit our office nearest to you.(office contact and address)

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    Kuala Lumpur

▼Total 168 Lots  
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   407 2.0
   525 I E60
   ACCENT 1.5
   ALPHARD 3.0
   AVANZA 1.5
   ESTIMA 2.4
   HARRIER 2.4
   INNOVA 2.0
   IRIZ 1.3
   LATIO 1.6
   MYVI 1.3
   MYVI 1.5
   PERDANA 2.0
   PERSONA 1.6
   Q5 2.0
   SAGA 1.3
   SAGA FLX 1.3
   VIOS 1.5
   VIVA 850

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Penang Kuala Lumpur Johor


Welcome to one of the pioneer auction house in Malaysia. Property Auction House Sdn. Bhd. We have been established since 1989, with a history of providing professional auction services. Our presence on the internet is to provide better and more efficient services to our clients and also to attract a larger audience to our auctions. Please browse through our current auctions information below for more information.

We have been expanding our services throughout Malaysia, providing effective and reliable auction services for properties such as real estate, auto vehicle and more.

Property Auction House Sdn. Bhd. is a team of licensed auctioneers, namely:

Mr. Patrick Wong Koon Meng
Encik. Ahmad Shah Mohamad
Mr. David Thong Kin Keong
Encik. Ali Akbar Bin Mohamad Tahir
Mr. Danny Loh Teng Fong
Ms. Queeny Tay Su Mei
Encik. Zubaidi Bajuri
Mr. Choong Chin Keong
Encik. Ahmad Rosman Noordin


Best Sales Achievement 2004


Auction Property Sales Award 2005





Kuala Lumpur Office:

Ground Floor, No. 1,

Jalan Ampang 50450

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 603-2070 2226 / 2078 8590

Fax: 603-207 2957

Email: main@auctions.com.my

Note: For KL auction venue

please refer to the proclaimation of sale.





At The Auction Room:

No 15 & 16, 1st Floor, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5

(Karpal Singh Drive)

Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 604-282 0525 / 27

Fax: 604-282 0528

Email penang@auctions.com.my





At The Auction Room:

No 98, Jalan Wijaya, Century Garden 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: 607-333 6226 / 3226

Fax: 607-331 6226

Email: johor@auctions.com.my




For Kuala Lumpur Office:
23RD DAY OF MAY 2019
[Download PDF List]

For Penang Office:
24TH DAY OF MAY 2019
[Download PDF List]

For Johore Office:
24TH DAY OF MAY 2019.
[Download PDF List]




Auction Date:

10 /5 /2019
Lot No: S405  
Make: PERODUA  2005
Model: MYVI 1.3
Reg No: JJL5012
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Auction Date:

10 /5 /2019
Lot No: S212  
Make: PERODUA  2012
Model: MYVI 1.5
Reg No: MCF1067
Show More Details

Auction Date:

10 /5 /2019
Lot No: S211  
Make: NISSAN  2016
Reg No: MS1211
Show More Details

Auction Date:

10 /5 /2019
Lot No: S210  
Make: NISSAN  2017
Model: ALMERA 1.5
Reg No: VAE7563
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Auction Date:

10 /5 /2019
Lot No: S209  
Make: HONDA  2012
Model: CITY 1.5
Reg No: WWX5299
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